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For over a decade, we have held a special dream close to our hearts. A dream of bringing, traditional Indian home-cooked curry to the foodies of UK. While there were several eateries catering authentic versions of Indian dishes locally, we wanted folks across UK to enjoy the delights of Best Authentic South & North Indian Foods. So, we adopted the method of frozen foods. This way food lovers could enjoy traditional Indian dishes at their own time and leisure. Just order your Indian frozen meal online and indulge in it with your loved ones whenever you want.

During these 10 years, we undertook extensive research to understand the nuances of serving freshly frozen meals on the go. This time was also spent in mastering the taste and quality of our Indian Ready meals, to ensure that only nutritious, wholesome and delicious dishes reach your doorstep. We are proud to say our efforts did yield results, not just via monetary profits but most importantly with the smiles of satisfied patrons. Today, we deliver over 1500 Traditional Indian Ready meals a day. We offer an extensive menu comprising of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights, adhere to the highest safety standards and adopt the most healthy methods of curating frozen foods. These measures coupled with our authentic Indian recipes in the hands of culinary masters has made our Authentic Indian foods immensely popular. We welcome you to bite into a slice of heaven with our handmade gourmet foods. Above all, partake in our love for Indian cuisine which reflects in all the Indian Ready meals prepared for you.

The Aroma of Grand-Mother's Kitchen

There is a beautiful dichotomy when it comes to Indian Cuisine. Each dish is known for its vibrant burst of flavours and yet it can be easily appropriated. So much so, that Indian Foods often offer the perfect base for culinary experiments. So it's no surprise that Indian cuisine has been appropriated across cultures with regions and restaurants boasting of their own versions of Indian dishes. At Indian Gourmet, our aim was never to tweak these Delicious Indian curries, but to introduce your palate to Authentic Indian Food.

Our claim to authenticity comes from authentic Indian recipes which have been passed down from generations, so the dishes carry flavours straight from Indian kitchens. These recipes of Delicious Indian curries placed in the hands of our adept, expert chefs make it an experience you must savour on your online quest for Indian Frozen Meals. So as you unwrap your meal, you are transported to an aromatic Indian kitchen, where each dish is prepared with love and served with warmth. We have a range of delicious meals for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. We also offer a range of non-vegetarian dishes from all parts of Southern and Northern India, so you can taste the best of Indian food. Our team offers Indian foods Online Delivery across UK so you can taste authentic frozen Indian food, from the comforts of your home. When it comes to savouring some of the best frozen foods in UK, make sure you dig into award winning frozen curries from Indian Gourmet.

Frozen Food That Warms The Heart

Today, folks are keen on embracing a healthier lifestyle. Naturally, you too must be wary of indulging your taste buds even when you want to try new cuisines. But who said you need to compromise on health for delicious taste? At Indian Gourmet we believe that Indian Ready Meals are not just about giving you instant gratification but long-term benefits as well. Our produce is sourced from local suppliers ensuring that only farm-fresh and seasonal ingredients are used in our healthy frozen ready meals.

Not only are our primary ingredients picked with care, but everything else, from spices, cooking oils, grains, lentils and sauces are added to Traditional Indian Meals only after ensuring that there is no use of additives, food colouring and preservatives. To further up the health quotient, we also offer Vegan Indian foods. These varieties and a promise of freshness are what set us apart from other frozen Indian food enterprises. Our emphasis is solely on serving the freshest ingredients that enhance our authentic Indian recipes and improve your well being. Once prepared, the Indian foods are flash-frozen - a process that locks in the flavour, texture and nutrients of the frozen food without leaving an unsavoury aftertaste. So when you order Indian frozen meals online from Indian Gourmet, you receive the best of Gourmet Indian Food without compromising on your health. This is why we are considered to be one of the best chilled Indian curry houses in UK.

Savour Comfort Food At Your Comfort

You are home after a long day and are craving some Indian food for the soul. The next thing you do is opt for a takeaway - after all, placing your order and grabbing delicious, warm food seems so simple and easy. Think again! There is an easier and cost-effective option offered in the form of Indian Frozen meals ordered online. With Indian Gourmet, you just need to order Authentic Indian Food Online and we deliver it to your doorstep.

You still choose from a range of delectable Traditional Indian meals, while saving almost 20%-40% when compared to ordering a takeaway of your favourite Indian Foods. If you are still sceptical about the flavour and quality then be reassured that each Indian Frozen Meal, from South Indian Meals to North Indian Foods, prepared by our experienced chefs will taste the same as it did when in our kitchens. We strive to uphold our motto of high-quality taste and nutrition, so there are no compromises when it comes to Indian Frozen Food Delivery. We want patrons across UK to experience the flavours, textures and lip-smacking delights of Authentic Indian Food. After all, it is our collective love for Authentic Indian Recipes that dissolves all barriers and makes us come together as one!

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