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The beauty of living in a global world is the exposure to new cultures, languages and of course, cuisines. You, like many others,might be intrigued with Indian Cuisine, curious about its many magical flavours or a veteran connoisseur. No matter where you are on the culinary scale, the enigma and magic of Indian Food is bound to pull you in. It's likely that this quest for Authentic Indian Food Online has given you many results, but none like Indian Gourmet. We specialise in serving Indian Ready Meals including South Indian Meals and North Indian Foods which have the perfect balance of nutrition and taste. We offer authentic Indian Dishes you always wanted to sink your teeth into and enjoy its delicious and popular flavours. These are now within your reach with our Indian Frozen Meals - which are quick and scrumptious delights, making your meal times an easy and delicious affair! Nothing can compare to a warm plate of comfort food to share with friends, family and loved ones. Our commitment to you is to always deliver high-quality Indian Ready Meals, which you can order online, and nourish your mind, body and soul. Our excellent service coupled with the variety of choices at your disposal, make Indian Gourmet, the best option to savour handmade gourmet foods and satiate your hunger pangs. We want our patrons to experience the best of Indian Cuisine and it's this intent that has helped us convert a meaningful idea into a mouth-watering foodie's delight.

Made With Experience, Served With Love

Cooking a cuisine we take pride in, serving it with warmth and sharing it with love are the tenets on which Indian Gourmet was established. This ethos continues to permeate within our kitchen and in our staff even today. We enjoy introducing the Best Indian Food to food lovers in UK. It gives us immense joy to see the satiated smiles of our patrons. Over the years we have also taken measures to improve our culinary techniques and processes of preparing Indian Ready meals .

We now foresee a sustainable future and are working towards it. All ingredients used in our frozen Indian meals are sourced from local suppliers, with emphasis on using seasonal produce. These nutritious ingredients are then placed in the hands of our adept chefs, who with 20+ years of experience in preparing the best Authentic South and North Indian foods, create delicious and healthy frozen ready meals. Fresh produce, the expertise of Chefs and recipes that remind you of home, are what make our authentic frozen Indian food an unforgettable experience. The best part? Our healthy frozen foods, available online, are hand-made and not processed - and that makes all the difference. So when our Frozen Indian Meals are delivered at your doorstep, you will be surprised at the freshness of each meal. We take great pains to prepare each Frozen Indian meal with utmost care, precision and love. Our aim was, is and always will be to give you the flavours you deserve.

Frozen Food Leads To Culinary Escapades

Think back to the time when fire was first discovered and how that single discovery revolutionised the way we consume food millions of years later. But wait, why are we telling you about the basics of cooking? Well because frozen food is the next revolution. Today, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the fresh flavours of a novel cuisine. Frozen food is well preserved, delicious and gives your taste buds access to global flavours, all while you relax at home.

Despite these, the question of 'why should I eat frozen food?', must have crossed your mind. There is a myth that frozen meals are unhealthy and bland. This is but a myth - frozen food, when prepared with prescribed measures is just as healthy as fresh food. At Indian Gourmet, our Authentic Indian Food is flash-frozen immediately after its preparation. This ensures that the delicious flavour, texture and taste of the Frozen Indian Curries remains locked-in. This process also ensures that essential nutrients of the frozen Indian Curry remain intact. Our goal is to help you enjoy the best authentic South and North Indian Foods at your leisure. So whether you are craving Kerala Style Indian Food or Authentic Andhra Style food - Indian Gourmet has you covered with these authentic Indian Recipes. The flavours you savour in these healthy frozen ready meals have the same quality and flavour as when they are first prepared. Just order Indian frozen meals online to savour a slice of India and partake in a culinary journey unlike any other.

Choose Authentic Indian Food Online; Choose Indian Gourmet

Indian Frozen Food has many takers and there are many outlets who have risen to the occasion of delivering Indian meals to food lovers. Indian Gourmet is one of them - and yet, we are different. Indian Gourmet has always put the culinary preferences and health of patrons before any profits. We don't believe in compromising on quality and yet manage to meet the increasing demands for our gourmet Indian meals. We believe that each patron is not just another customer but a part of the Indian Gourmet family. And when it comes to family, nothing but the best will do! We want your culinary experience of savouring traditional Indian Ready meals to be fulfilling - which is why our team takes great care and measures to ensure that only high-quality and Traditional Indian Ready Meals reach your doorstep.

Most of our recipes are also sourced straight from Grandmothers' kitchen making them authentic in the true sense of the word. Our expert chefs, then take these traditional recipes and prepare Indian Ready meals and Gourmet Indian Food with tenderness and love. The flavours of our Delicious Frozen Indian curries are not marred by any form of preservatives, food colourings and additives. This curation process makes our award winning frozen curries lip-smackingly delicious and healthy. So you don't have to worry about watching your weight as you savour the subtle richness of Indian Cuisine. Order Frozen Indian meals online from us and say hello to convenience, good food and a great time!

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